Hey all, apologies for the long time without updating. Here is the latest:

  • Dad has been in day therapy at Madonna for the past month. There has been some progress, but not as much as we were hoping for, which is discouraging. That said, one of the therapists did say that at this point in his recovery progress is going to be slower plus it’s going to be harder and harder to detect because we’re no longer looking for things like “he can move his left leg” and are more worried about balance, strength, motor skills, etc. Those are all things where it is harder to quantify improvement.
  • His last day of day therapy at Madonna will be July 1. Day therapy is basically showing up at 8am or thereabouts and staying till 4 or so and doing therapy all day. On July 5 he’ll start outpatient therapy, which will be three days a week and a little less intensive, from what it sounds like. That will, most likely, last at least six weeks but could be more or less depending on how it is going.
  • The adjustment to home life has been challenging. They aren’t able to have in-home care because insurance won’t pay for it. So mom is having to do much more than she was when dad was at the hospital.
  • The bathroom is done.
  • The next big project is trying to get a shed built in the backyard to store all the stuff that was stored on the back porch before that storage space was lost to expand the bathroom. There is also a stretch of privacy fence that will need to be replaced soon, but that probably won’t need to happen until the fall.

As far as prayer requests are concerned, I think the biggest ones are that we would see more progress from therapy, that mom’s back would continue to hold up as she is providing almost all of dad’s care, and that mom and dad would be able to establish a sustainable routine at home as they begin to transition away from the extensive therapy schedule he has had since he woke up. Getting the shed up soon would also be good, as it would allow them to move things out of the house that are currently making it a bit harder to move around. So pray that we would also be able to get that project done.

There are many things to be grateful for as well, of course: the bathroom and ramp are big. That dad is able to be home is a huge blessing. But right now I think there’s also a different sense of what has been lost, just because he’s now back at home and not staying at a hospital, and also a greater level of difficulty with day-to-day life since there isn’t a 24-hour nursing staff around to help out with things. So pray for stamina and hope as well, as this new routine is providing new challenges that are, in some ways, more difficult than what they have faced up to this point.